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Asgardia is the first ever Space Nation. We have over 200,000 verified citizens and you can join us too!! It's completely FREE and is an amazing way to realize your passion for everything from space science, engineering, performing arts, tech and much much more! Click the link below to register as a citizen.

Brigitte Demba is the National Community Manager for Asgardia in Kenya.

Please RSVP to attend our regular meet & greet to be held at the Nairobi Museum Hill every first Saturday of the month.

Click the link below to see photos of the location;


The aim of this get together is to know each other and socialize, brainstorm, create and/or invent different ways we can raise awareness about Asgardia and other relevant matters that will help us forge a clear rewarding path forward.



We've done a whole lot of excellent work!

We expertly handle the following projects because as we all know, diversity breeds innovation. 

Digital Marketing & Brand Management

So you have a great business, awesome name, beautiful shop location etc. But who knows all that except your current clientele? Time to push the boundaries folks! The digital marketing we set up for your will ensure we reach your target audience with the right content and highest customer retention methods. Go ahead, call us today and get a quotation and brief. 

Website Development & Maintenance

Need that eye-catching website you've always envisioned for yourself? We would be more than delighted to embark on the journey to find what you want and need all the while maintaining your website in a flawless manner. Our team has over 7 years experience in the field of Website Development,  Design & Maintenance.

Dance Choreographers

Well well, you seem to have found your way to us quite quickly. Call it fate or destiny, we were meant to meet up and enjoy all these exemplary hobbies together. If you have a passion for dance choreography. Then call us up and let's have a meet & greet!

Aerospace Enthusiasts

Do you love looking up at the stars? Does the idea of being in a Space Shuttle or Soyuz excite you?. Call it fate or destiny, we were meant to link up and enjoy this exemplary hobby together. If you have a passion for the aerospace industry. Then call us up and let's have a meet & greet!


Oh I love those shoes!! And that dress? Breathtaking. If these are a few of the statements that run through your mind when you think of fashion. Oh boy, you came to the right place! If you have a passion for fashion. Then call us up and let's have a meet & greet!


I would love to go to Peru, or Maldives? Better yet Paris.. the city of love.. Or Dubai - luxury atits finest! I bet you're already mentally packing your bags at the idea of jetting off to these and many more places. If you have a passion for traveling. Then call us up and let's have a meet & greet!


That looks scrumptious!! Gimi three hehe! The delicacies that can be enjoyed on this planet are way beyond your imagination. Join us in our culinary journey to your tummy. If you have a passion for cooking (and eating), we're your go to for recipes sourced from all over. Let's have a meet & greet!


It's totally true when they say gaming's in the blood; PC Gaming, Xbox, PS name it, we love it. Role playing games, puzzles, adventures, life - we're into all that plus so much more. If you have a passion for gaming. Then call us up and let's have a meet & greet!

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Time to let you know why we do all this

We passionately love what we do.

...That's our secret...

We want people to step out of their comfort zones and know that they too you can be anything and anyone they want to be.

...(Provided it's legal)...

You are your own deterrence.

Have 3 or more careers, hundreds of hobbies, a cat, a dog, but only one partner, travel, cook, dance hehe, go all out!!


Choose to embrace life each and every single day because there's no one else who is capable of living it your epic way.

We are all equally amazing so head on out and show this universe what you're made of!

...Definitely not stardust...Or is it...hmm


TO BE CONTINUED...........


Captain on the Bridge


+254 I'ma call you

Bridge Crew


+254 I'ma call you

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